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Datalogic Skorpio - Tiedonkeruuliite - Win CE 5.0 - 2.8" väri TFT ( 240 x 320...

Valmistaja: Datalogic

Tuotenro: 942251005

Datalogic Skorpio - Tiedonkeruuliite - Win CE 5.0 - 2.8" väri TFT ( 240 x 320...

Valmistaja: Datalogic

Tuotenro: 942251005



41,07 / kk



Datalogic Skorpio is a rugged mobile computer particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment, both on store shelves and in the stock room. Thanks to one of the best ergonomics ever seen on the market, Datalogic Skorpio reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness, resisting harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles. Datalogic Skorpio offers the unique feature of integrated data capture technology combined with "green spot" feedback (Datalogic patent), providing a "good read" green dot directly on the code, where the operator usually tends to be looking. Datalogic Skorpio system architecture is based on the fastest Intel X-Scale series processors coupled with the latest release of the Windows CE operating system. It is ready to satisfy the most demanding customer needs (i.e. expandable memory thanks to the Mini Secure Digital standard slot). Its wireless communication capabilities enable fast transactions and complete interaction with the information system, as well as wearable peripherals, while its long lasting Li-ION batteries grant full shift coverage in terms of autonomy. Furthermore, Datalogic Skorpio large high visibility color graphic display with touch screen helps users work more efficiently, while the practical 38-key "alpha & numeric" keypad allows data, codes and descriptions to be input very quickly. Datalogic Skorpio is able to fulfill 100% of traditional text-based applications (i.e. terminal emulation, through the DL-TCL-NET software client) as well as the most modern Web-based solutions (i.e. exploiting Microsoft Internet Explorer through the DL Locked-Web-Browser application). Developers can create and deploy single or multiple data collection applications rapidly exploiting the MCL Collection, while IT managers can centralize the management of mobile devices revising configurations, synchronizing software and updating firmware and drivers remotely and seamlessly thanks to the Wavelink Avalanche software. Datalogic Skorpio offers retailers the best mobile commerce solution to gain the greatest benefit in the least time for those "selling and serving on the move"!