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Allied Telesis AT AR440S - reititin - DSL-modeemi - työpöytä

Valmistaja: Allied Telesis

Tuotenro: AT-AR440S-50

Allied Telesis AT AR440S - reititin - DSL-modeemi - työpöytä

Valmistaja: Allied Telesis

Tuotenro: AT-AR440S-50



37,60 / kk



The AT-AR440S is a competitively priced, business-class, ADSL, VPN router. This desktop, broadband router allows businesses to take advantage of cost effective DSL connections without compromising on bandwidth, throughput, features, or security. The AT-AR440S has been designed with the needs of the branch office or small to medium business in mind and comes with dying gasp and the WAN back-up features businesses expect.

In addition to hardware-based encryption, the AT-AR440S comes with other security features, such as traffic filtering with event logging. Traffic filtering uses the source and destination addresses, port, protocol and TCP packet types to provide control over traffic that passes through the AT-AR440S. The AT-AR440S' Stateful Inspection firewall provides an increased level of security and HTTP and SMTP proxies provide improved control over web and mail communication.

A Port Interface Card (PIC) port on the AT-AR440S provides businesses with a high degree of flexibility, enabling them to future proof their investment, obtain additional functionality or make use of WAN back-up options. For example, a backup WAN card, such as an ISDN card, can be installed in the PIC port enabling businesses to protect themselves against ADSL downtime. The PIC options available also enable businesses to achieve a higher LAN density without purchasing an additional switch. The AT-AR440S PIC port is compatible with a range of PICs, including BRI/PRI ISDN, high-speed E1/T1, synchronous, multiport 10/100T and VoIP.

The AT-AR440S is the first in a family of modular routers that will provide a significant improvement in the performance of Allied Telesis' modular router family. The 300MHz CPU within the AT-AR440S ensures that large packets are forwarded at wirespeed and that small packets are forwarded with minimal delay.