Optoma ZF2300 - 3D glasses - active shutter - for Optoma DH1008, DH1009, EH20...

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Tootja: Optoma
Tootekood: E1A3E0000005
Tootekategooriad: Turbetooted
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UNSPSC: 52161559 Three dimensional 3D glasses for use with 3D televisions and 3D graphics equipped computers
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Product DescriptionOptoma ZF2300 - 3D glasses
Product Type3D glasses - active shutter
Run Time (Up To)60 hours
Package ContentSoft case, cleaning cloth, USB charging cable, 3D glasses
Dimensions (WxDxH)16.3 cm x 16 cm x 4.2 cm
Weight39 g
Designed ForOptoma DH1008, DH1009, DH1011, EH200ST, EH200STEDU, EH300, EH500, EH503, EH505, EX855, GT1070X, GT1080, HD131Xe, HD141X, HD141Xe, HD151X, HD161X, HD25e, HD25-LV, HD26, HD30, HD300X, HD33, HD36, HD50, HD90, HD91, W401, W505, X401, X600; ProScene EH505, EW865, EX855, X605; ThemeScene HD33
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